Company culture at Praxis Life Sciences in Chicago

At Praxis, our cultures, values and norms are functions of our founding partners, leaders and Associates. They become reinforced and embedded in our organization through our practices, both tactical and strategic.

We believe in:

  • Having high ethical standards
  • Promoting open, honest and direct dialog
  • Fulfilling our clients’ needs to the best of our ability
  • Sharing goals and working together
  • Being resourceful problem-solvers
  • Balancing realism and flexibility
  • Creating quality work


Praxis Life Sciences leadership and company culture

Ethics – Conduct and Behavior

High ethical standards are the benchmark and an expectation for our business. ​As a trusted advisor in complex and dynamic consulting engagements, you will appreciate that ethical business practices are challenged and tested. ​Above all, your ethical personal and business conduct will be interwoven into the fabric of everything you do – the relationships you develop and the client results you produce.

Humility and Candor

At Praxis, we promote open, honest, and direct dialog at all levels. ​We strive to ensure transparency and the exchange of honest, clear discourse. ​Candor is the quintessential component when you talk to your clients – extending the same courtesy internally is essential.


Praxis is a service organization and ultimately exists to fulfill the client’s needs. ​You will be proud to be delivering real value – high-quality deliverables produced in a timely manner to solve business problems. ​Your clients trust you to act in their best interests.

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We value shared goals, working together, and the ability to delegate responsibilities cross-functionally. Our leaders take the time to ensure your contributions and work efforts are appreciated. Your good work will be recognized and you will receive constructive suggestions to help you grow professionally.

Problem Solving

We assume you are an autonomous and resourceful problem-solver. You will be challenged and encouraged to take advantage of “stretch” opportunities.

Realism and Flexibility

We understand that things may take longer than anyone expects and that you are always trying to balance client work and personal commitments. We strive to create a flexible work-life – balancing client expectations with your work/life balance.


Perfection – albeit a goal, is not always attainable. It is a standard, but not an absolute requirement. You will strive to produce “client-ready” deliverables of the highest quality, adhering to professional standards. Your work is a delicate balance of high quality and output. We understand that striking that delicate balance poses daily challenges and constraints on your time. Putting forth your best helps ensure you provide quality deliverables and results to your clients. The quality of your work is a direct reflection of our firm, and we are proud of the work delivered by each member of our team.

We’re Hiring

We are always looking to help our clients improve, as well as ourselves, which means you will be continuously acquiring and refining your industry expertise and consulting skills.

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