Pharmaceutical company mergers are complex and put projects in peril, teams under stress, and can result in lack of innovation and loss of value. Our project managers are experienced with the challenges of integations and can help accelerate yours

When Pharma Companies Merge…

We help merge your programs, see projects to completion, and maintain the level of innovation that investors expect.

When integrating, organizations are challenged with discovering synergies between the merged companies, realigning people to maximum efficiency and eliminating duplicate processes.

When Pharma Companies Separate…

We help you focus on what matters, lead teams through the restructuring, and manage your portfolio of projects.

Separation and disentanglement activities are required so these two separate companies can function independently and efficiently. In addition to people, processes and technology, often times there are political hurdles to overcome, too.

As more and more consolidation goes on in the industry, both integrations and separations will continue to be prevalent.

Tell us about your upcoming integration or separation

Why a team of experienced project managers is the key to a successful merger or separation

Friendly Consultant Meeting Organizations that are going through an integration and/or separation must focus their limited resources on operational activities. We can help guide this with a project structure and an approach to get you from Announcement to Day 1 as an integrated or stand-alone company.

Even though this may be your first time through such a significant event, it’s not ours. We have helped several, global Pharmaceutical companies with these types of projects.

Our team formulates a plan to handle the activities you need to get from Announcement to Day 1 operations, and then we help you implement and execute that plan on a global and regional level.

Where Project Management Help Is Most Needed:

  • Communication within the organization and with stakeholders, such as regulatory agencies, license partners, and affiliates
  • Staffing models and budgets to enable ongoing operations
  • Procedures to ensure compliance and efficient operations. For integration projects, this includes assessment of best practices across both organizations.
  • Safety databases and supporting systems
  • Service agreements and governance models for activities that cannot be separated by “Day 1”

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